Nice hedge reduction

One of this weeks job was reducing this conifer hedge in height to make it more manageable for it’s owner to trim in future. Perfect time of year for hedge reductions before the birds start nesting again in Spring.

Apple tree prune

This poor Apple tree was neglected for years. All dead, damaged, crossing branches removed allowing air circulation and sunlight to reach all branches giving the tree a new life. 2 hours of pruning later…

Small gravel job

Time for an update! A small gravelling job completed during the very cold spell. Around 2 tons of soil removed to a depth of 5 inches, good quality heavy duty weed membrane laid and then filled with 20mm gravel. Much improved!

Hedge reduction

Today’s job was giving this Pyracantha hedge a much needed major trim! Reduced in width by approx half and all cuttings taken away. Much better!